Touring with James Yancey Jones

I had  played with James ( aka Tail Dragger) over 40 shows all arond Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Chile and Brasil.

This last February i had the chance to tour with the man again, and despite i thought i could not love him and admire him more, i found myself doing that harder, better… more.

Actually nothing has changed, he plays the same songs, the same stories and the same jokes onstage he has been doing for, i bet, the last 40 years. Although he just come out of a pneumonia at 79, not even his health has changed. His mood, his whisky drinking and his love for the blues remained untouched.

I found myself enjoying this hard work rhythm Chicago based guitar lines  more than ever and understanding more and more how we, white folks can only recreate and play with these guys but will never get to be bluesmen, at least a «Tail Dragger» kind-of-bluesman.


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