Going back to Memphis, TN

I had forgotten where i come from musically. Well, to be honest i saw some of the best blues ever in my native Buenos Aires, in my teenage years. I am still trying to find out if it was just the emotion of this new music to me, or it was real excellent played blues music played by argentine folks who had daily jobs in the unreal profitable Argentina of the 1990´s,

Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you ( thank God), like for example i will always remember a little patio where you played «fights» with Pablo, my elder bro, like a huge battle field, but chances are that if i ever go back to that casa, it will look smaller than in my thoughts. I don´t want to check!

When i was around 20 i made a trip to Memphis, Chicago and all around Mississippi. I was crazy about the whole blues clichés and was amazed. 17 years later i got the chance to come back with my friends and my band for the International Blues Challenge. The Challenge was an excuse.  I just needed to go back and see how it all began for this music, and try to understand a little bit more about this music, but not about the music itself, but how it began. Going to the Lorraine Hotel , where Martin King was shot and the Civil Rights Museum really really shocked me, again. Man, humanity must be crazy! It wasn´t so long ago and not far away!


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